Throwback Thursday: 1514 Spankings & 15 Edges (with recording)

Originally Posted February 2018 Mr. Devious was so freaking sweet last week and made me a thread to help make me feel better after we received some bad news. He allowed people to give me spanks by posting compliments, jokes or gifs.  Every 100 spanks, also earned me 1 edge. 

Throwback Thursday: Holding My Orgasm Hostage

Originally posted March 2018 I am working through some of the items on my kinky bucket list. A few weeks ago we chose to accomplish “be teased and denied actively for 5 hours”.  I want to preface this to say that this report may not be as detailed as my

Throwback Thursday: Interrogation Scene 2

Torture of choice: Edging and DenialCode retrieved: YesDuration: 48 minutes 46 secondsTotal Elapsed Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 22 seconds After Mr. Devious started the timer, he had me get on the bed on my knees, with my face on the bed. Before we got started, I asked if we could pause the time