Curiosity killed the kitty … not the butterfly

The last few days, so many ideas have been floating around in my head. Lovely, sexy, thoughts that are making my princess parts achey and desperate for attention.  I thought I would torture myself just a little bit more and write some of them down as I very curious to

Throwback Thursday: See no kink, Hear no kink: Sensory Deprivation Experience

Recently we decided to cross the 3 hour sensory deprivation session off of my kinky bucket list. It was the second top choice from the poll we created to have you help us pick.  We started around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was showered and got dried off. Mr. Devious

Throwback Thursday: Interrogation Scene 1

Torture of choice: ElectricityCode retrieved: YesDuration: 17 minutes 36 seconds Mr. Devious kissed me and then started the timer. He then led me to the wooden chair he had set in the middle of the room. Before I sat down, he asked me to put in the wevibe.  Of course I didn’t comply,

Kink Convention Part 3: The Spanking

After we watched the beautiful Heart get tied up, we went to get ready for the little dive in movie.  Again, most of the people in the pool were naked, but I chose to wear my swimsuit. I still am not comfortable being naked in front of others. Shadow, M,