Throwback Thursday: How to Write a Proper (Brat) Report

I found myself in a situation recently where I had to pee in a certain way that is not normal for me. A way that made me extremely blushy and uncomfortable. I was also told that I needed to give a full report on said task, however that made me

Throwback Thursday: Interrogation Scene 2

Torture of choice: Edging and DenialCode retrieved: YesDuration: 48 minutes 46 secondsTotal Elapsed Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 22 seconds After Mr. Devious started the timer, he had me get on the bed on my knees, with my face on the bed. Before we got started, I asked if we could pause the time

Kink Convention Part 2: The Classes

Day two of the convention started with a bang … or more so a loud buzz as the fire alarm was set off at 8 am. Since we didn’t go to bed until close to 3 am, there was a lot of grumpy people.  We tried to have breakfast with