Part of my passion for Kink is learning about different things and growing and trying new things. It is my responsibility to keep myself safe in the process. The only way I can do that is through research and education. Ignorance is not bliss!

Education can come in many different forms, but I wanted to provide a guide to some resources that I have found useful.

Kink Academy

Dominant Guide

Submissive Guide

I have also included links to the blogs that I have written and posted on this website, but have put them in a categorized list for you to make it easier to search for a particular subject. Please know that I am NOT an expert and do not claim to be. Kink can be risky, and it is your responsibility to be risk aware and take the precautions needed to keep you safe.

If you feel like there is something incorrect, outdated, or that I have missed something, please use the contact me form to let me know. 

General BDSM Definitions


*Anal tips for beginners
*Prostate Massage


*Discovering New Limits
*The Evolution of Limits
*Rainbow of Communication 
*The 5 Love Languages
*Why I want my sub to safeword

Edge Play

*Fear Play




*Warning Signs
*Poly Relationships

Punishment & Funishment

*My Views on Punishment

Urethra Play