Hearing the word “mine” from the right person has always given me butterflies. It isn’t about ownership so much (sometimes it can be) as it is knowing that you have captured a piece of that person and it belongs to you. It’s magical.

As a sub, nothing can make me melt faster than to be reffered to as “MY good girl” or “MY little princess”. It takes a word that already has good feelings attached and elevates it 100%.

For that reason, as Domme I conciously make an effort to add “my” in front of a name: “My worm”, “My butt slut”, or “My pee guzzling whore”. I know how it feels to hear those words from a Dom or partner and so I want to share that feeling with MY subs.

Part of it is also about ownership. It’s like peeing on them to mark my territory. I need to let the world know that they are MINE! I may have to share them with others, but at least a small part of them is all MINE!

But I guess I hadn’t really thought about how special those words can be to hear as a Domme as well.

When Gerbil recently asked to be MINE, I was overjoyed but I had one condition … I wanted to be HIS as well. It feels a little silly because we talk about the sub being owned, and Dom(me)s are the owners …

But when one of my subs says “MY owner”, “MY Princess Scary Butterfly”, or “MY Domme”, it just feels so special. It is almost enough for me to be nice to them … almost …

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