Random Facts About Me

I have been MIA for a few months and I thought I would pop back in with a fun post … some random facts about me …

I thought it could be fun to make a list of random facts about me:

I hiccup randomly

and a lot! I used to get the hiccups daily, now it is a little less. But I still get them a lot. Sometimes they are cute little ones, other times they are big ugly painful ones. Sometimes it is just one random hiccup. Other times it is 20-30 minutes of constant hiccups.

I need to know!

I am a spoiler junky. When books get intense, I read the back to make sure things are going to turn out ok. In fact, I actually stopped ready a series just two and a half books in because I realized that the main character might die and when I flipped to the back, I saw that she did. I am the same way with TV Shows and movies. I must know whats going to happen.

Emergency glitter

I have a bottle of glitter in the console of my car “just in case”. You never know when you might need glitter. Sometimes I will just sprinkle some on me to make myself feel better.

Foot prison

My feet hate being covered. Shoes and socks must have been invented by the biggest sadist of all time. They are literally a foot prison and my feet revolt as often as they can. Even today, Oct 18, 6 degrees outside, and I am wearing my flip flops. Also, if my husband and I ever get divorced, it will be because he has had enough of picking up my little balls of socks around the house since I take them off as soon as I step through the front door.

Car naps

Being in a car makes me soooo sleepy. If I am a passenger, I am out within 20 minutes of the drive. When my husband and I drove across Canada to move me to Alberta, we drove 18 hours the first day and I am not exaggerating when I say that I probably slept 14 hours. Even being the driver makes me sleepy so I need to listen to music or call somebody in order to stay awake and alert.

Car Lashes

My car has eye lashes. So many people absolutely hate them or think they look ridiculous but I think they are freaking adorable and they make me happy. I really want to upgrade to glitter or rainbow lashes next!

Shot glasses

I have a shot glass collection. I probably own more than 200 at this point. The funny thing is that I am not even a big drinker and hardly ever hard alcohol. But they are a great souvenir and I always try to buy one wherever I go.

Nervous peeing

I have a nervous bladder. Before munches, first dates, interviews, doctor appointments, I am usually running to the bathroom moments before because I feel like I am going to pee my pants.

Picky picky!

I am a very picky eater. I am pretty adventurous when it comes to trying vegetables, but meat is a whole other story. I was actually a vegetarian for a few months when I was younger, but I got super sick since I didn’t supplement with anything else. Some of my food pickyness:

  1. I will not eat meat that is close to the bone (eww chicken wings!)
  2. Beans are NOT food
  3. Olives ruin everything they touch
  4. I love raw carrots, but cook them and they are disgusting,
  5. Pumpkin anything is gross
  6. I don’t eat any kind of sauce or condiments on most of my food. Including sandwiches and burgers.
  7. I love to eat popcorn with a big glass of cold milk. But I can’t have milk with anything that already has milk in it, like mac and cheese.
    and the most important of all … FOOD CANNOT TOUCH!

Friends Addict

I have seen every episode of Friends at least 50 times. It is my comfort show. I have it on when I am sad or had a bad day. It is what we play at night when it is time for me to start getting ready to sleep. I still laugh at the jokes. I can recite almost every episode, and I kick ass at Friends trivia.

Crib makes me grumpy

I don’t know what it is but playing Cribbage makes me insanely grumpy. I think it is the counting and trying to make decisions but blerg! I am in a Crib Tournament every year in the spring and I usually do pretty well (in fact, I won my first ever tournament), but it just makes me grumpy.


It should be Christmas all year. I just love it so much. Christmas for me starts on November 1. That is when I start to pull out my decorations and playing Christmas music. Sometimes I will even play Christmas music in the middle of summer. It calms and soothes me.

Two handed makeup

I never realized that this was weird, but when I do my makeup, I use both hands. When I am doing my eye liner on my right eye, I use my right hand. When I am doing my left eye, I use my left hand. I am not ambidextrous in any other activities except this.

Mornings suck!

Mornings should be illegal! People who get up at 5 or 6 am, that isn’t even morning, that’s still night time! I am NOT a morning person and I will let you know. Don’t talk to me in the morning time. I am grumpy. I struggle with getting dressed. My husband usually has to rescue me and he likes to laugh at me while I struggle.

I don’t do scary

Every year my mom and siblings would go to a haunted corn maze. However, I am always “busy” that day. I don’t do scary. No scary movies, no haunted houses, and don’t even think about making me walk past a scare crow (I know its really a person waiting to jump out at me!). The ironic thing is that I really want to explore fear play.

Meatball and Pasta Cats

I love animals. Some of my favorites include monkeys, sloths and jelly fish. But more than anything, I want a puppy! I want a small, fat and wrinkly puppy and I am going to name him meatball. However, my husband and my mom both tell me that I am too young for a puppy eye roll. So instead, I got two kittens. Their names are Spaghetti and Fettuccine. While I love my pasta cats, I am still waiting to finish off the collection with a meatball.

Butterflies everywhere

This one probably isn’t much of a surprise, but I have a bit of an obsession with butterflies. Every room in my house has at least 5-6 butterflies. Some are in your face and very obvious and others are kinda hidden or subtle. But they really are everywhere.

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