Here comes a worm

In less than 24 hours, a little worm will be travelling across the world to visit me!

Jaro and I met online 3.5 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long already. Our D/s relationship has changed many times over the span of three years. We have gone from very relaxed D/s to very strict M/s and even almost an entire year of consensual blackmail.

We have both learned so much about each other, our kinks, bdsm, and ourselves. We have shared laughter, tears and over 1200 days of conversations.

And finally, FINALLY! I get to meet my little pet in person.

I have so many evil ideas for him. Starting with him travelling with his chastity cage and butt plug in his carry on luggage. Even if security doesn’t stop him, he is going to be a squirmy mess going through the airport. He also is not allowed to pee the last two hours of the flight.

When he arrives, he will have specific instructions to complete before he comes to see me. I will be standing at baggage with a sign that says “Worm”, ready to greet him with a big hug. He will also present the key to his chastity cage to me. Relinquishing his sexual freedom for the next two weeks.

I haven’t decided yet if he will get an orgasm at all while in Canada, or if we will continue his 100 days of denial. It almost seems a waste to give up such a wonderful record just for a small little inconsequential orgasm.

Although I guess the idea of having his ass fucked by my Dom, drinking the pee of all my friends, being fisted, beat until he is bruised, eating spaghetti naked off the floor in front of my friends and attending his first play party where he will be wearing a sign which says “free blow jobs” has him a little excited.

I know it sounds like every second of our visit is planned, but it really isn’t. I have just been throwing around my ideas. There will be plenty of surprises for my little worm. Lots of excitement; both vanilla and kinky.

Most of all, I am excited to meet one of my closest friends. I am ready to give him a huge hug, kiss on the cheek and then make his life a living hell for the next two weeks *giggle*

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