Sick and Twisted?

Recently a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her new kik group for local edge players.

Now, this friend is into some extreme stuff …. she loves needles and blood, painful anal, rape role play, breath play, knife play …. things that I would never really consider attempting. I told her that I would love to join and that she could corrupt me. Also, being the person that I am, I offered to be an admin and help run the group.

We have called this group Sick and Twisted. It is a place for local people who are into the edgier kinks of BDSM to discuss, share photos and meet other like minded people without judgement.

What is edgeplay? Well … here is the description that we post in our group:

“Edgeplay is not the same as edging. Edgeplay is about pushing psychological and physical limits. Taking risks. Examples can include: rough body play, consensual non consent, gun play, knife play, needles, water sports, scat, rainbow play (vomit), breath play, rape and kidnapping play, interrogation, mind fucks, fear play and blackmail. “

This description has been recently updated to include more mental forms of edge play.

Honestly, I joined the group with the intention of being with my friends, seeing the things that they did, and supporting them. We joked about me being the mother of masos and being the person to give them cuddles and remind them that they aren’t fucked up. However, the more we have talked, the more I have realized that I actually fit into the group pretty well.

Edgeplay isn’t just blood and almost dying … edgeplay can be very mental as well. I may not be sick and twisted in the same way as others are: I don’t enjoy being peed on, or anally raped. I don’t want to have a knife held to my throat or hung by hooks stuck in my skin, BUT I have spent months convincing my sub that he was going to eat live worms covered in his own cum. I have had my sub make spaghetti cooked in his own piss. I spent one year in a consensual blackmail relationship wherein if my sub did not obey anything that I asked, he would have material exposed on the internet.

My sub side isn’t as dark. She prefers the softer side of things most of the time. But there is still a darkness. I want to be forced into situations where I am utterly terrified. I want to explore the mental side of things, which can sometimes be scarier than the physical. A band aid or stitches is not going to fix mental damage from fear play. But, there is still room to be corrupted.

My Domme side, on the other hand, is psychotic. She is sick and twisted and she fits in!! I may look all cute and sweet and innocent, but deep down, I am just as fucked up as the rest of them, just in a different way.

My name is Butterfly and I am sick and twisted!!!!

Ps. If you are local and feel like you would be a fit for our group, please contact me and I would be happy to add you.

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