Throwback Thursday: Why a ruined orgasm doesn’t upset me

Originally posted January 2017

My pet has been very open with the fact that he is not very good at edging. He will be edging along nicely and all of a sudden … a ruin! It is something that he has become a little better at controlling since we started practicing, but it is still pretty frequent. 

It has never really bothered me, because I know it is something that he can’t really prevent from happening. I know he isn’t deliberately breaking a rule or finding a loop hole around the rule. It just happens. 

But I know it upsets him. 

My pet knows that one of my biggest turn ons as a Domme, is orgasm control. I want to control when he touches, when he edges, when he cums … And I do! This is something that is very important to me. I love to keep my pet horny and desperate for me. But the reason it turns me on, is because I am in charge of his PLEASURE!

A ruined orgasm doesn’t feel good for my pet. He gets no physical pleasure from it. And mentally he only gets more frustrated. So when I say I want to control his orgasms, a ruin doesn’t count because he gets no PLEASURE!

But that doesn’t stop him from feeling like he failed.

At the beginning of the year, my pet made the goal of wanting to be able to do 14 days of edging with 14 edges a day before he would be allowed to cum. We tried starting with 7 edges a day for 7 days, and he ruined after the fourth day. After the third time of this happening, we tried 5 days with 5 edges, and again we didn’t succeed. 

I don’t consider this a failure. But I am really starting to think that it might not be worth fussing over. Everybody is different. Not everybody can edge 100 times without ruining. But we don’t hear about those stories.

We are bombarded by threads and porn videos of people being edged over and over, growing ever more desperate and horny, never quite getting close enough. Any ruins we see are forced, deliberate.

But there has to be other people out there. I, myself, have problems edging. If I am masturbating alone, I always edge a million times while watching porn first. And very often, I will get a little too excited, and even though I removed the vibe, my muscles still contract, and give me a little baby orgasm. It is awful because I was building up to this big magical orgasm, and then it is just a let down!

I know others have to have experienced this!

Do you have problems edging? Do you ruin often? It would be a huge help if you could share your stories!

One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Why a ruined orgasm doesn’t upset me

  1. Thank you for posting this Miss. Yes… I know by now that it doesn’t upset you when this happens. I have kind of learned to accept the fact, as well as that I’m not good at edging.

    I too would love to hear about others’ experiences regarding this.

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