Take care of me!

So, this Butterfly is sick and I guess it is making me realize just how important it is for me to have somebody in my life who takes care of me. 

Most of the time it is me taking care of others. I will go above and beyond to help my family and friends, and do try to be as helpful as I can to those who I may not be as close with. Sometimes I put others before myself to my own detriment. That is why, at times like this, it is especially important to have people in my life who remind me to take care of myself.

Mr. Devious is so wonderful at doing that. He does the housework that I don’t like doing, or don’t have time for. He cooks for me. He lets me sleep in, puts gas in my car, buys me medicine, put bandaids on me, and gives me snuggles. He also reminds me to take care of myself, like today, when I told him that I wasn’t going to bother with lunch, he made me promise to go and eat something.

Feeling as though I am being taken care of is important to me from a D/s stand point as well. Because I identify as a little, some of those ways might be different from a typical power exchange relationship. So how can you make me feel cared for?

* Give me a bedtime. It doesn’t have to be a regular rule, but enforce a bedtime at times where it is needed. (ie. I have been up way too late all week).
* Parental controls on my phone. This can help with bedtime, or even just making me unplug and give me a chance to de-stress.
* Remind me to take my vitamins or medication.
* Make sure I am eating properly. When I don’t feel like eating, encourage me to eat something, and to eat something healthy, not just junk food.
* Ask me about my day, and really listen. Ask follow up questions and provide advice if asked for.
* Read my blogs and journal entries and comment, whether it be in private or publicly. Let me know you appreciate my thoughts and feelings.
* Encourage me to go to the doctor when needed.
* Provide aftercare after play time. Sometimes this means having chocolate and giggles, other times it is snuggles and quiet time.
* Jump in and protect me when people are being rude, creepy or annoying.
* Ask me to message you when I am home safe.
* Make it a rule that I have to share with you anytime somebody PMs me something that is unsolicited.
* Encourage “me” time. This can be time where I have to color or read a book, or maybe it is time where we just get to cuddle together with no other distractions.
* Special notes or messages telling me that you are thinking of me or care about me. Good morning and good night messages are the best.

There is many more I could add to this list, but Butterfly is now …. *dies*

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