This weekend was my first experience at Inferno. Inferno is a local play party that is put on monthly by the Little Scouts.

I have been to a few play parties in the past, as well as two kink cons which had their own dungeon parties. I have to say that this was by far the best play party experience I have had.

I think the biggest difference was the sense of community and belonging that I felt. I went into this party knowing a handful of people and was greeted with hugs and excitement. I felt wanted and valued.

The leaders of the event were clearly marked with a red armband and were very approachable. Our night started with a circle of us introducing ourselves and sharing some laughs.

The social scene at the party was a lot better than others I have attended as well. The music was a bit quieter which allowed for more conversation, and the social area wasn’t segregated from the play space so it felt much cozier and inclusive.

Prior to the event, I had negotiated an impact scene with Shylatron (curiouslysexxy on fetlife). I really wanted to experience some new toys, push my limits, hit subspace and get some marks. We managed 3/4 of those goals.

The theme of the night was disco, so I had worn a bright pink dress with a shit ton of glitter sprinkled all over me (I didn’t get any in my eyes!). So the first thing I had to do was chance. I am still not comfortable enough to be naked in front of people, but I changed into a piece of lingerie that was a bit see through. I also kept on my black thong.

We started with me standing against one of the crosses. I really wasn’t too nervous actually. I was feeling very at ease with my people around me. Shy started with some floggers. I found that I really loved her suede flogger which surprised me as I prefer the stingy sensations as opposed to thuddy things.

She warmed me up by gently hitting my back and ass. In between hits, she would run her fingers along my my back, shoulders and butt. Taking that time in between really helped to calm me down, and reminded me that she was there and I was in good hands. I especially liked when shy was flogging me and Mr. Devious was running his hands on me. The mixture of the sensations was amazing.

When she switched to my new butterfly paddle, I started to feel sick to my stomach and then got very dizzy. I had to “yellow” and ask for a break. Mr. Devious got me water and my blood meter (I am diabetic.) Upon reflection of the events, I believe that the cause of the stomach turning was the thuddy sensation without being warmed up enough. As I said, I much prefer the stingy feeling, and I think I need to save thuddy items for much later in a session. Also, my blood sugar levels had dropped significantly since we had arrived, which probably didn’t help, but they were still in normal range. After a short break I was feeling better enough to continue.

Butterfly paddle by @lewddesigns ( )

This time I kneeled on the bed. This position was much easier for me to relax. It didn’t take long and I was slipping into sub space. How can I describe subspace? Well, it almost feels like you are floating. I could hear snippets of conversations happening around me, but I would slip in and out of actually hearing them. I could feel the sensations, the impact, the light touches, but sometimes they would just disappear. I lost awareness of everything that was happening.

Shy is very good at reading me. She would push me right to the edge of my limit, and then back off. At one point she was going back and forth between the butterfly paddle and using the leather crop as a cane, and just before I was about to say “yellow” she would pull back and let me calm down. I loved the feeling of the soft flogger hits, her fingers dancing around my inner thighs, and ass, the crop gently caressing between my legs, all the way down to my ticklish feet. Just thinking about it now is giving me goosebumps again.

Oh! I can’t forget the ping pong paddle. I think this is my absolute favorite implement and Shy really took a fondness to it. The sound it makes is delicious. And the feeling is the perfect combination of thuddy and stingy. It is a wooden paddle so it does thud, but the rubber coating makes it sting a bit. I was loving it, until Shy broke it against my ass … ooops! She felt bad, but I thought it was freaking hilarious.

After about an hour, and two last good hits with the flogger, we finished. Shy laid on the bed with me for a few minutes until I was able to stand up. I cuddled with my blanket, had a bit of a snack, checked my blood sugar again, and drank some water, surrounded by my people. And then I got to ride the high!!!

After we took a few photos in the bathroom (since photos aren’t allowed in the play space), it was my turn to give something back to Shy.

Shy had been having a rough week, and when I asked her what I could do to help, she asked me to tell her some nice things about her. Well, I took it to a whole new level. I asked her if I could do a positive body writing scene with her and she agreed.

The days leading up to the event, I sent messages to a bunch of her friends, asking them for nice words, compliments or quotes about why we love Shy. I compiled them all into a 3 page list.

At the party, a few of us took markers and wrote those loving words all over her gorgeous, naked body. Shy is so amazing, and to see her light up as each word impacted her, it was magical.

Two days later, I am still riding a high, my ass is still sore (although I am very sad that I have only a few very very faint marks to show for the beating I endured), and I am so excited for the next event.

Oh, and I decided that I want to be Shy’s first recruit, and become a Little Scout! Stay tuned for more info on that adventure.

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