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*Disclaimer: These reviews are my own opinion. I do not work for any company who sells these toys. I do not profit in anyway. They are simply my opinions and experiences. I also do not speak to the safety of any particular toy and am not responsible for your safety when you use a particular toy. I also do not promise that you will have a similar experience to mine. If your opinion or experience is different from mine, please share it in the comments as I am only one person and the more people who comment, the better the review. 


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This blog is going to be a little different from other blogs in this series because I have been asked to review all of my nipples toys. I am going to do my best to share as much information about each of these clamps as possible, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to comment or pm me. 

In general, nipples clamps are a “sensation play” toy. Nipple clamps are designed to attach to the nipple and force the blood away from the area which provides an uncomfortable and pleasurable sensation. 

There are many different styles of nipple clamps and each one feels different and has a different intensity. I am going to do my best to describe each one to you. 

I have numbered my photo and will refer to each one by their number: 

1. Alligator clamps
These clamps have rubber pads on the tips which attach to your nipples. The screw can be tightened or loosened to increase the pressure on your nipples. 
2. Claw clamps, attached
I am not sure what to call these clamps. They are similar to the alligator clamps, however they have a lot smaller padded area and the screw is on the bottom. They are also attached with a heavy chain. 
3. Vice clamps
These clamps are similar to a vice. When you tighten the screw, it brings the two flat pieces closer together, clamping your nipples. 
4. Tweezer clamps with bells 
The tweezer clamps have a small ring which can be moved to tighten or loosen the clamps around your nipples. They also have rubber pads where they attach to your nipples. 
5. Vibrating alligator clamps
These are very similar to the alligator clamps in number 1, except they vibrate. 
6. Clover clamps
Clover clamps are unique because they have textured teeth on the rubber pads to help grip on your nipples. They are designed in a way that when pulled, they tighten and do not loosen until released. 
7. Nipples suckers
These are little suction chambers which work my creating a vacuum as you twist them on. 

Most of the clamps in my collection range in price from $8 to $25 (CAD). They are purchased in sets of 2 for obvious reasons. 

Most Favorite

Clover Clamps
Because of the intensity of the clover clamps, I highly enjoy them. The non slip pads allow us to be able to pull them pretty tight, or even attach weight to them without the risk of them falling off. 

Least favorite

Vibrating Nipples Clamps
Because of the loud noise and weird sensation, as well as the unbalanced weight, I find these clamps to be very awkward to use, and they do not tighten to an intensity that is stimulating enough for me. 

My experience

1. Alligator clamps
These clamps are so pretty. I love the butterflies, however they are not quite intense enough for me. It is great that they are adjustable, however I find that you need to wear them pretty tight in order to prevent them from falling off easily. I also sometimes have difficulties getting them to attach properly. They are must more of a decoration item, than a usable piece for us. 
2. Claw clamps, attached
These clamps are quiet heavy with the chain attached. They were my first clamps and we used them frequently. Because of the small surface area of the pads, I find need to tighten them pretty tight in order for them to stay on, which sometimes can cause a not good pain. I also find that the chain sometimes gets caught on things while in use, which can cause some interesting situations when they are ripped off. 
3. Vice clamps
These clamps are lightweight and highly adjustable. Sometimes they can be finicky and it may take a few tries to get them to work. They also have a swinging arm for each removable, but it sometimes pops open while wearing them, which causes you to have to restart. 
4. Tweezer clamps with bells 
These clamps are one of the easiest ones to use, and are very adjustable. They can go from a light intensity to a medium intensity depending how tight you apply them. The pads make them very comfortable even when they are on their tightest. I love that the bells provide a light jingle as you move. We really should use these clamps more often.
5. Vibrating alligator clamps
These are very similar to the alligator clamps in number 1, except they vibrate. I find that the vibrator is very loud but doesn’t provide a very intense sensation. You can feel them, but I don’t know if I enjoy the sensation they provide. Also, because of the way they are attached, it makes it kind of awkward as the weight is not evenly distributed. 
6. Clover clamps
These clamps are very intense, and I would not suggest them for a beginner. They are not really adjustable, other than to go tighter as you pull on them. Because of the textured pads, it allows us to pull on them or attach things to them without them slipping off. These clamps hurt like a bitch when they are removed because the textured pads really stick to your nipples. 
7. Nipples suckers
The nipples suckers are awesome to increase sensation in your nipples. When you attach them, they can sometimes take a few tries to get the suction right, but once you do, you can pull and twist them and they won’t pop off. They help to enlarge and sensitize your nipples. When you remove them, they do leave marks on your nipples, which have made me giggle in the past, because it looks silly. 

Would I recommend it to others?

For this part, I thought I would rate them in order of which I would recommend them:


Please share your comments and experiences in the comments, especially if they are different from what I have described above, or if I forgot to mention anything. Please also ask any questions, and I will try my best to answer them. 

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  1. My slave and I like the suckers too. They work really well on the clit too. It drives her crazy. I would fully recommend the suckers to anyone. And the clover clamps

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