Curiosity killed the kitty … not the butterfly

The last few days, so many ideas have been floating around in my head. Lovely, sexy, thoughts that are making my princess parts achey and desperate for attention. 

I thought I would torture myself just a little bit more and write some of them down as I very curious to explore some of these areas if the right partner were to present themselves. 

Most of these things I would not be able to voluntarily do. I would need somebody to push me into trying them. I would need them there to enforce them. Fuck the thought is hot!

Chemical Play
I have used toothpaste on my clit in the past and ginger in my ass. Both were very interesting. I think I would categorize it as a love/hate relationship. The burning sensation was intense, and made me extremely horny. The thought of being helpless to stop it played right into my control kink. 

When it comes to pain, I feel as though I am a wimp compared to some others. I am not a masochist by any means, but the idea of toothpaste being rubbed on my clit and then made to go for a walk outside with my Dom or tying my hands behind my back and putting peppermint oil or icy hot on my nipples makes me all tingly. 

Fear Play
This one is terrifying …. duh 😛 I am not a person who enjoys being scared and I have a lot of fears. However, the idea of somebody using their power over me to force me to go to a haunted house is thrilling. Another way is to tie me up and then force me to watch a scary movie. 

Of course I have other fears to exploit as well, making me touch a snake (or even be near one), blindfold me and let me hear the noise of a cattle prod, not knowing if it is going to touch me, making me have an orgasm in a spooky cemetery at night, 

Mental Domination – Mind Fucks
I am very interested in mental domination. The idea of somebody having power and control over me. Being able to get me worked up just with their words alone. Possibly training me to cum with just a word. Or even training me to not make a noise while cumming. 

But I also love the idea of mind fucks. For example, being tied down and blindfolded and having a frozen dull knife dragged across my skin because it feels like a real knife. Going into a play session knowing that no matter what happens, I will not be allowed to cum. Having a vibe is held on my clit, begging for release and being told no over and over. The reality sinking in, and giving up hope just as he says “cum for me”. Or the opposite. Being told I am allowed to cum but must ask permission first. Getting right on the edge, so close and I can almost hear the words, and then “no” and the toy is taken away, and told I am not allowed to touch myself. 

Gags are something that just moved into my soft limits. They are something that I have always found intriguing, but there are a few deterrents. First of all, I have a small mouth. I once bought a beginners ball gag and it was WAY too big to fit in my mouth. The second is that gags are meant to tie onto your face. I am extremely claustrophobic at times and the idea of having something tied to my face, obstructing my mouth, the thought terrifies me. At the same time, I want to try because the fantasy of being gagged REALLY turns me on. 

Although rope can be pretty, I am not looking for anything fancy. I want to feel the rope restricting me. I want to be helpless, vulnerable. I have physical limitations due to an injury, but I am sure there are ways to do this that can accommodate my injury. Rope can also be used to tease. I have always loved the idea of a teasing crotch rope, or having to walk along a rope with knots on it, the knots covered in toothpaste or something, making my sensitive clit tingle and throb as I work my way over them on my tip toes. 

Of course, rope isn’t the only way to bind somebody. I am very interested in devices as well. Stocks, spreader bars, breast press, being wrapped in saran wrap (with only my boobs and princess parts exposed) … and of course the one I have mentioned a few times now: wrapping my hands in a way that they are no longer useful which then forces me to be dependent on somebody else. 

I have also always been a bit interested in different forms of bondage while sleeping. 

I think this one is going to make Mr. Devious’ brain explode. I hate being messy. I very often state that I am a princess and I am not meant to be dirty or sticky. I don’t even scoop ice cream because I don’t want to be sticky. However, recently, the thought has entered my head. Again, I think it relates to the control. Being forced to do things that I don’t necessarily want to in order to please my D type. 

I have wrestling in Jello or pudding on my bucket list, but lately I have really been thinking about my upcoming birthday and how hot it would be to be forced to get cake all over me. 

Another kink that is usually listed in my limits. However, I would like to maybe explore the gentle side of humiliation. I am thinking something along the lines of having to say something that will make me feel blushy out loud, or being forced to watch porn while my partner watches me and not being allowed to cover to my face. Another thing I have thought about is being forced to listen to my own recording, whether kinky or even just my voice reading a story. I have never listened to myself before because it makes me cringe. However, the thought of being forced into it might turn me on. 

The though here is to be required to do something that will make me blush hard or that will slightly embarrass (read mortify) me. Something along the lines of being forced to pee while somebody watches or listens. 

I think a lot of people fantasize about this, however, the fantasy is just that, a fantasy. Long term TPE would drive me insane. However, the thought of a weekend where I was dropped off, or arrive at my Doms house, and am given a list of rules for the duration of the weekend: including things like not being allowed to wear clothes without permission, needing to be ready to be used at a moments notice, and basically existing to make my Dom happy, is a huge turn on!

I am not sure whether to consider this true “public” or not. I am not turned on at all by the thought of getting caught. I am not into that type of risky play. However, being expected to ask submissive in front of other kinky people (either in a casual setting like a bbq, or at a play party) is a huge turn on. Maybe this involves asking permission for something like using the bathroom, wearing a collar, being naked, kneeling, etc. Being vulnerable, a bit exposed, etc. 

There are things that I would never do on my own, and having my Dom demand that I strip, or bend over or go stand against a cross so that he can use me, spank me, or even just show me off is very hot! Terrifying, but hot!

Hidden Public
This is something that I have listed in dislikes for a long time, but not something I have really been pushed to do over the last few years. Wearing a rope harness or having a vibrator or plug inserted while out in public is exhilarating. However, not when I am alone. I need to have somebody with me to make me feel safe. Even being ordered to go to the bathroom and take my panties off during dinner makes heat rise to my face (and also makes me not remember how to breathe). 

In conclusion, I find a running theme in all of these things. I want to be dominated. Not just given an order here and there, but I want somebody to take control of me. I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I want to be expected to do things that I may not normally do, or that might make me squirm, because my D has told me to. These things don’t always have to be sexual.

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