Throwback Thursday: Holding My Orgasm Hostage

Originally posted March 2018

I am working through some of the items on my kinky bucket list. A few weeks ago we chose to accomplish “be teased and denied actively for 5 hours”. 

I want to preface this to say that this report may not be as detailed as my reports are normally. This is due to a few things: a) It was A LONG DAY! My brain was foggy from being teased and we did A LOT of things to get me sufficiently teased. I also completed at least 150 edges throughout the day. There is no way I could remember each one. b) We completed this task about 3 or 4 weeks ago now. I did make some notes after each part, but a lot of things came up which delayed this report, including some very emotional and traumatic family things. c) Sometimes it is nice to keep things private between just Mr. Devious and I. 

That being said, I still hope you all enjoy the report: 

Part 1
This part lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. 

* I started on my knees as Mr. Devious administered an enema to clean my insides as we would be doing some anal play. 

*I returned to the bed and got on my knees, doggy style again. Mr. Devious used his hands to tease my clit, princess parts and ass. I already knew I was in for a long day as I felt my clit starting to pulse. 

*He continued to build my arousal up slowly by using our feather tickler to awaken my nerve endings. He tickled my feet, legs, butt and back, as well as the outside of my princess parts. I could feel every nerve on my body wake up and I got goosebumps all over. 

*Mr. Devious inserted our pink plug into my ass. It is small but it just hits all the right places. As my ass clenched around it, I could feel my clit swell a little more. 

*He then turned the wand on and placed it against my clit. As the wand was teasing my clit, he continued the tickling assault, all around my body. 

*Next, he inserted our bumply glass crank toy. It has a handle on it so that you can rotate it inside me. We had only ever used this as a a plug before and I wasn’t super fond of it, but inside my princess parts, it was delicious. I was started to “purr” a little bit. The constant moving of the toy was getting my juices flowing and I was approaching my first edge. 

*Mr. Devious continued with the crank, tickling and wand for a little while as I edged a dozen or so times. 

*Next, he inserted my new nova wevibe toy. This toy inserts into my princess parts, but also has a part that sticks out that hugs my clit tightly. He stood behind me and spent 20 minutes playing with the different patterns and settings, driving me insane. The worst part of the ordeal was that I really wasn’t edging all that much. I think in the whole 20 minutes, I may have only edged 20 times. The frustration of being so close to the edge was much worse than a full edge. He found this very funny, I did NOT find it amusing. 

*I was starting to get super frustrated and was kicking my legs and growling at Mr. Devious. Thankfully he turned the wand on and allowed me to properly edge. 

*Mr. Devious removed my pink plug and started to fuck my ass with our pink silicone dildo. The feeling of the dildo sliding in and out of my ass coupled with the vibrations on my clit, made me edge very quickly. It got to a point where he would turn the wand on for mere seconds before I was begging him to cum. 

*There was even a few times that I got SO close I had to beg him NOT to turn the wand back on for a few seconds because I knew I would cum. That was a MAJOR mind fuck because all I wanted was to cum, but I had to beg him not to let me. GRRR!

*I was so desperate at this point. This is when I would normally be expecting him to tell me to cum at any moment. But instead, he kept stopping over and over. 

*After another 35 edges or so, my ass was tired from being thoroughly fucked, my clit felt like it was getting so big it could be considered a penis, and I was throbbing and aching for release. 

*Of course this was the moment Mr. Devious chose to stop. 

Part 2
This part, which we considered our “break” lasted about 2 hours. 

*The word “break” is used very loosely in this sense. This was 2 hours of constantly being teased with a little bullet vibe in my panties. 

*I don’t know if this is the same for other people, but when I am building up to an orgasm, and more stimulation is added (ie. starting with a vibe on my clit and then adding anal stimulation), I can’t then just take away stimulation and continue to get closer. If you take away stimulation, it gets harder and harder for me to edge. So it really is about building UP! That being said, I had just had my ass thoroughly fucked with a very intense vibrator on my clit. And NOW, I was walking around with a small, less powerful vibrator in my panties. For this reason, I spent 2 hours extremely frustrated, but nowhere near edging. It was infuriating. 

*Throughout the two hours, Mr. Devious would give me instructions to turn the vibe on, off, up or down. 

*I wanted to kill him, dead!

Part 3
This last part lasted about 2 hours total, including my orgasm and rest period after. 

*Mr. Devious had not only been teasing me with the vibe, but also his words. He had me almost convinced that he was keeping my orgasm hostage, and that I wouldn’t even be allowed to cum at the end of this part. This made me NOT want to continue to part 3. 

*Mr. Devious started by tying me up on my back, hands secured to the headboard above me, legs spread with the spreader bar. Once I was wide open and vulnerable to his every desire, he pushed the large ceramic plug in my ass. It was REALLY tight, and I think the angle of the way I was laying didn’t help. It is a large plug to begin with, but even though I had been thoroughly stretched earlier, it felt ginormous! 

*Next, he came up to my nipples and sucked on each one, biting them gently at first. He then attached my clover clamps, with a sharp bite to my nipples. He attached a rope to them, which then attached to the spreader bar. I soon learned that any motion of my legs would tug on my nipples, pulling them hard. 

*It was very hard to stay still as Mr. Devious began to assault my clit with the wand. I was SOOOOOOO freaking sensitive at this point. And my ass felt stuffed to the top with the plug. 

*Each time I moved, I would pull on my nipples, adding an element of pain. At first this made it harder to edge, because as I got closer to the edge, I would straighten my legs, which pulled my nipples. After awhile though, it began to spur me on and the pull of pain would get be closer to the edge. 

*Mr. Devious did try to insert a dildo as well, but the plug had be stuffed so much that one wouldn’t fit inside me without being painful, and I don’t mean the good kind of pain. 

*After a handful of edges, Mr. Devious decided to give my nipples a rest. He untied me and had me flip over and get back into doggy style on the bed. 

*This part gets very fuzzy! With about 45 minutes left until the 5 hours was up, Mr. Devious used the pink silicone dildo in my ass, the glass dildo in my princess parts and the wand on my clit. He counted a total of 70 edges. Which he kept track of by writing tallys on my ass with marker. 

*I was almost ready to cry. I was so desperate. I could feel the juices running down my legs … My clit felt like it was going to fall off … my insides were trembling … I was convinced that I wasn’t going to get an orgasm. 

*Finally, Mr. Devious said those magic words … “Sweetie, cum for me!” 

*AND I DID! I came so freaking hard … and I kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Mr. Devious kept the wand on my clit as I had a second orgasm. 

*Mr. Devious kept the wand on my clit until my body jerked forward, getting itself away from the wand. 

* … and then I died.

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  1. OMG. This report is just fantastic! I’m a little jealous!

    “And then I died” is just a hilarious ending to a challenging day!

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