Throwback Thursday: See no kink, Hear no kink: Sensory Deprivation Experience

Recently we decided to cross the 3 hour sensory deprivation session off of my kinky bucket list. It was the second top choice from the poll we created to have you help us pick. 

We started around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was showered and got dried off. Mr. Devious instructed me to put towels on the bed and then lay on my back in the middle of the bed. Because of pain in my shoulder, we decided that I would not be tied down, instead I was to lay with my arms spread to the sides, and my legs spread wide. 

I was naked, but it is Canada so it is -100000 degrees, so Mr. D let me drape a blanket over the top half of me. That way he could remove it if he needs access, but I wouldn’t freeze. 

We also tied a scarf around my head, making sure that I could not see anything. Mr. D then put earbuds in my ears and started a three hour youtube video that featured the sounds of fall rain. We chose to do this because a) we do not have noise cancelling headphones, so if there was nothing playing, I would be able to hear and b) we could have played music, but Mr. D wanted me to slip into a trance, not just listen along to music. 

Because three hours is a long time, and time seems to blend together while you are in sensory deprivation, I will try to highlight some of the main events that happened over the span of the three hours: 

* Mr. Devious used a feather tickler on my skin. I could feel myself getting goosebumps as he lightly dragged it across my skin. It felt as though it woke up every one of my nerves. Some spots were super ticklish! But the feather tickler was so light that it didn’t cause too much de-stress. 

* We have used the pinwheel multiple times before, but for some reason it seemed to be extra hurty and sharp. I think it is because all of my nerve endings were woken up with the light feathery touches. It felt like needles were being poked into my skin, especially when he ran it over my nipples. It felt like a knife was cutting me when he ran it fast up and down my legs. If I didn’t know better, I would have been expecting blood. 

* The rain sounds were making me go into a trance. Every now and then it would get a bit louder or it would change the rhythm and wake me up out of the trance, but when Mr. Devious wasn’t touching me, it didn’t take me long to sink into the trance. Most of the time I forgot it was even playing, it just kind of disappeared. 

* Mr. Devious decided to torture my nipples. At the beginning he put clothes pins on. We don’t use clothes pins too often because they aren’t pinchy enough, but the pressure on my nipples felt really good. Then Mr. Devious took them off and switched it to the nipple suckers. They were pumped pretty tight and it freaking hurt when he pulled them off roughly. Of course, after he took off the nipple suckers, he naturally chose to put on my clover clamps. The bite of the clover clamps are pretty vicious, especially when my nipples are swollen from the suckers. 

* Mr. Devious soothed my nipples with ice, followed by his mouth and tongue to heat them back up. I love the feeling of his lips around my hard nipples. 

* The tens unit pads were stuck to my thighs, two on each side. Mr. Devious played with the settings so that it went from a light tingle to a sharp stabby feeling. 

* We have a new wireless wand that has different vibrations patterns. Mr. Devious was able to prop the wand up in a way that it stayed on my clit. He especially seemed to the like the pattern that went from nothing to high slowly, and then stopped cold before starting over. It was never enough to even make me edge, but it made me extremely frustrated constantly. There was also a setting that would pulse it over and over at different strengths. 

*Mr. Devious snuck out of the room a few times in order to boil our reusable heat pads. Mr. Devious put them all over my body. My favorite was when he held them in his hands and ran them up and down my legs and arms. He also placed them in strategic places, such as my nipples, my tummy and my legs. 

* Speaking of heat, Mr. Devious also dripped hot wax on me. He kept it on my legs only (we had a burn incident on my nipple a few years ago). It was super ouchy! It felt as though I was blistering. I had a hard time staying still. In contrast with the wax, he also used ice drips all over my body. He would alternate between the two. 

* Mr. Devious wasn’t done with the ice though, he ran it over my body, and especially liked to linger the ice over my clit, and at one point he slipped the remaining piece of ice inside me. Ice makes your insides feel so achey and cold. But I love the intense feelings, especially while using a wand on my clit. 

* One of my favorite things that I experienced during my deprivation was when Mr. Devious fucked me with glass dildos. One of the dildos was heated up in hot water, and one was chilled in the freezer. He alternated the dildos, fucking me a few times with each one before plunging the other inside me. It was amazing! The different sensations, playing off each other … so delicious!!! I edged a few times during this part and Mr. Devious allowed me the pleasure of an amazing orgasm too. 

* It is worth noting that between all of these different sensations, Mr. Devious would take long pauses where he didn’t touch me at all. Sometimes he would leave the room to get other items, sometimes he would sit on the bed, or just stand in the room and watch. 

* Mr. Devious also liked to use his fingers to surprise tickle attack me. Especially my tummy and feet are super ticklish, and of course this is where Mr. Devious attacked the most. This became a problem more as the time wore on as you might remember I was listening to the sound of rain. 

* Speaking of which, I needed to take a break around the two hour mark to go pee. It felt very weird to take off the blindfold and headphones. I needed Mr. Devious to turn off the lights to help me acclimate. 

* After an especially long break, I was in a trance, and Mr. Devious scared me by turning the wand on high on my clit out of nowhere. It made me jump!

The last hour of the session was especially difficult. Mr. Devious was leaving me longer and longer in between sensations, and I had already cum, so the sexual anticipation was gone. It made it hard to want to continue. 

Something also came up and Mr. Devious had to leave me for a short time. There was only 30 minutes left on our timer, and so he lifted the headphones and let me know he would be gone, but that I could just stay and relax, listening to the rain. 

When he left, I was grumpy. At least before I had the anticipation to keep me on my toes. Knowing he could touch me at any point, kept my skin alive. But knowing that he was gone, just sucked. I think it would have been so much better if he had to leave in the middle, so that I still something to look forward to. 

Knowing I was alone, my mind started to wonder. I have had a lot of things on my mind lately, and being left alone with my thoughts is not something that I have been enjoying. I started to panic and cry and feel angry and sad and so I ripped off the headphones and went into the shower, which seems to be my safe place. 

I stood in the hot water, shaking and crying for a little while, and then just stood there numb until Mr. Devious came back and held me. 

I ended up having a bit of subdrop afterwards as well. 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, it just ended in a less than optimal way. I am going to cross this off the bucket list as done, but I think I want to try it again someday. It really was fun!

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