Denying a Worm

Jaro has requested I write a blog about why I enjoy keeping him denied. 

I personally do not like denial as a sub. It drives me insane and not in a good way. For this reason I have listed it as a dislike and even a limit if it goes past a certain length of time. However, it is one of my biggest loves as a Domme. 

So why do I enjoy denying my pet? 

Well it is a simple answer really, ever since I was a wee little Butterfly, I have always loved the word “No”. So that is all … I keep him denied because “No” is my favorite word. 

The end! 

Ok, I guess I should probably say more than that … 

The very first reason I enjoy keeping Jaro in denial is the control factor. There is something so delicious that comes with denying him a basic human function. I feel the same way when it comes to controlling his bladder as well. Knowing that he cannot touch, or receive any sexual pleasure without MY permission is amazing. It leaves him dependent on me and I get to feel all mighty and powerful :P. 

Along with the control, is the anticipation and surprise that denial allows me. I like to play mind games. I like to keep him guessing and not knowing when his next orgasm will be. I love to tell him that it will be until Christmas, or next year and as much as he doesn’t believe that I will keep him denied that long, on some level he is a bit nervous because he really doesn’t know. It could be tomorrow that he gets to cum, or it could be two months from now. Who knows? Oh yeah, I do!

When Jaro is denied, we go through stages of not letting him touch at all, usually followed with lots of touching and (almost) edging before taking away the privilege to touch again. Not only does that keep him guessing, but it also increases the sensation. His balls get heavy, his cock gets sensitive, and sometimes he can edge without even getting fully hard. 

Of course this all leads to a greater feeling of desperation. I love to see Jaro beg us for just a few touches or strokes, for the chance to edge or almost edge, and I especially love to see him beg for an opportunity to cum. Jaro’s horniness level can be affected by a lot of things and sometimes it is very unpredictable. After 2 days of denial he can be extremely desperate, but then the next day he isn’t really horny at all. However, I find that the longer he is denied, the chances of him being horny and desperate increase. 

Along with desperation comes a greater willingness to please. That isn’t to say that Jaro doesn’t do everything he can to please us, even right after an orgasm, but I find he is willing to subject himself to a lot more torture when he is getting horny and desperate. He may be willing to suggest more painful or humiliating tasks when the craving for an orgasm has reached an all time high. He takes the initiative to do these things without us having to push him as hard. 

I think that being denied makes Jaro feel instantly more subby. Not that he is naturally dominant or bratty towards us, but I think the deeper into denial he goes, the more submissive and compliant he gets. 

I also really like knowing that he is struggling, yet willingly submitting. The self discipline and training that it takes. The challenge involved. I love counting the days and trying to beat our past record. I love working together with him to overcome the daily challenges that he faces because of his denial. For example his trouble with proper edges. It makes both of us work to overcome the challenges and it brings us closer together as a D/s dynamic, as well as promotes growth in both of us as people and as Domme and Sub. 

Of course, I am also a sadist so I just love knowing that Jaro is torturing himself for me. That his balls are literally aching, that he is raging hard in the morning but not allowed to touch or his cock is throbbing after doing an almost edge. I guess that relates back to the power and control factor, but it is absolutely delicious and it makes me wet to think about.

The last reason that I enjoy keeping my worm in denial, is the fact that his orgasms are typically stronger after he has had to wait. I think that is more fulfilling for both of us. 

Those are all the reasons that I enjoy keeping him in denial, but want to know WHY I keep him in denial? Well … it’s because he likes it!

Not only has he told me this, but I know he enjoys waiting between orgasms because even when he is allowed to ask freely, he doesn’t. There are plenty of times that I/we didn’t keep him denied on purpose. All he had to do was ask us for an orgasm and it would have been granted. Yet, he never asked. Our worm enjoys his little cock being teased and denied and belonging to us completely. If he didn’t enjoy it, we wouldn’t do it. 

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