Not In Your Butt

Over dinner the other night, my 15 year old brother decided to share with us, a video he found on youtube that he found amusing. This video is called “Not in your butt“.

The reason I decided to post it here, was because while I was watching the video (blushing like crazy as normal), I couldn’t help but think that every single one of those items that the doctor lists, were probably put in by somebody in the kink community, and it made me giggle.

On top of that, I thought it might also be good to remind people that whether your accepting a dare from somebody or playing alone, your safety needs to be your first priority. Your anal cavity is open, and anything you put inside it can get stuck and lead to a very embarrassing emergency room visit. So please be careful and think of this video the next time you try to put a salami or jar of vaseline in your butt.

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