Throwback Thursday: Interrogation Scene 2

Torture of choice: Edging and Denial
Code retrieved: Yes
Duration: 48 minutes 46 seconds
Total Elapsed Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 22 seconds

After Mr. Devious started the timer, he had me get on the bed on my knees, with my face on the bed. Before we got started, I asked if we could pause the time so I could pee, but he said No! I would have to give him the number in order to pee. Ooooh nicely played Sir! This was going to be interesting. 

Once I was on the bed and assured him that I wasn’t going to say the number, I resigned to my fate. He moved behind me and started by lubing up my ass hole with his finger. He pushed it inside me, moving it around, loosening me up. 

I was really starting to feel the toll of having the wevibe inside me during the last scene. I was getting wet and couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for me in this scene. I predicted it was going to be tortuously delicious. 

I then felt something very cold and hard against my back entrance. “Oh my goodness”. It was the anal hook. He slid it in, stretching me with the large ball on the end before it finally settled inside me. 

Next I felt him tugging at the hook and before I knew it, I was tied securely to the headboard. If I moved backwards, it pulled the hook even tighter inside me. What a delicious feeling. My clit was starting to ache, I couldn’t wait to be touched. 

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long. He slipped the glass dildo inside me and started to massage my gspot in the exact right spot. I was already moaning and rocking my hips against it, effectively fucking my ass with the hook with each squirm of my hips. It is so hard to describe the feeling of the glass toy inside me. 

Glass has such a distinct feeling and it is easily one of my favorite sensations. And this toy in particular hits the exact right spot for me every time. This toy on its own has the potential to get me very close to the edge on its own, although I am not quiet able to cum without a bit of clit stimulation, but I certainly can get close. So when Mr. Devious turned the wand on and placed it against my swollen clit, I was in heaven. 

I was instantly on edge, but faster than I could say “I am going to cum”, he stopped. Have I mentioned how much of an asshole he can be?

Not to worry, he turned it back on right away and my hips danced and squirmed for him as I climbed closer and closer again. Right as I was about to let go and have an amazing orgasm, he pulled it away again. I was starting to realize that in order to cum, I was going to have to give him the second number. I was already craving the impending release, but I wasn’t ready to give in just yet. 

I kept thinking about our bet and the thought of being able to torture him, to implement my revenge, it gave me the strength to continue. 

Plus, I was pretty sure I could trick him. I didn’t have to ask him for permission to cum, so if I could just do it sneakily, I could probably cum without him knowing. I tried everything I could to cum stealthily. I tried to not move, I tried holding in my moans, I tried moaning louder as if I was going to cum even when I wasn’t. But nothing worked!!! He was too good at knowing my body. 

He alternated fucking my dripping wet hole and touching my clit with the vibe, all while being stretched by the hook tugging at my ass. I kept begging him to just let me cum, but I was met with his taunts. He kept saying things like “Do you want to cum? Just give me the code and I will make you cum so hard for me right now”. Yes!!! That is what I wanted. 

And so I said “6”!

He immediately stopped and left the room to check the number but … ooops I had given him the wrong one! My bad!

He wasn’t too happy that I had tricked him, and so he put the wand on my clit for a second and then pulled it back so it was just out of reach. He told me if I wanted to cum I would have to come and get it. But if I moved too far back then the anal hook pulled, so it was just out of reach. I got as far as I could and I could feel the vibrations against the lips of my pussy but it wasn’t close enough to my clit to make me edge. This was probably the most frustrating part! Knowing it was right there and just not being able to do anything to get to it. URG!!!!

I think Mr. Devious was getting worried that I would be able to hold out forever because he started to threaten me!

He started by threatening to leave me there alone, with my ass attached to the bed while he went and had a coffee. He rationed that leaving me to think about my situation and not being able to do anything about it was worse than edging me over and over. But he didn’t want to waste time and so he stayed and continued to make me edge with just the wand. 

Next he threatened to insert the anal beads while the hook was still inside me. I made the mistake of saying “so what” and he got them and lubed them up and started to push the first bead inside me. It hurt way too much and he could tell from my cry that I was serious and it wasn’t a good pain, so he pulled them back out. But that didn’t stop him from threatening to push them all the way in if I didn’t give up the number. I called his bluff and said I wasn’t giving it up!

His last threat was to use toothpaste on my clit. We have never tried toothpaste and even though I wanted to someday, it scared me! This really got my heart beating, but I didn’t think he would try it during the middle interrogation just in case it hurt too much and it ruined the last one. And I was right, I know him too well, he was bluffing again!

Instead he started to fuck me hard with the toy while holding the wand on my clit. He would fuck me to the edge, then stop for a second and then start over. Relentlessly he continued on and on. He could tell my will was breaking. I have never edged this much before. I was so close that he was barely turning on the wand and I was on edge. A couple times I had to tell him to not move a muscle or I would cum. I came dangerously close to ruining my orgasm (I think … since I have never actually done this) a few times. 

He kept telling me over and over that if I gave him the right number he would let me cum right now! A nice big orgasm. I kept saying 6 over and over. Finally I went as far as I could. I was so wet and so desperate. I was ready to explode. I needed to cum so badly. I screamed “Let me cum. 5!”

Since he had already seen what the correct number was, he kept the wand going tightly against my clit, and rocked the toy in and out of me as I spasmed on the bed, pulling against the anal hook as my back arched. 

After Mr. Devious untied me, I just collapsed on the bed. I completely forgot about having to pee, and after hugging and kissing me, Mr. Devious let me drift off to sleep and take a break while he devised the last scene.

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