Stuffy Takeover

Daddy keeps complaining that our bed is too crowded. I don’t think it is very fair. I only have a few friends that share our bed with us. 

Let me introduce you:


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Eeyore has been sleeping with me since I was 16. He is my all time favorite. He is very very snuggly. His tail comes off but can be reattached with velcro. 

Rainbow Bear

Rainbow bear is magical. She has a sparkly tutu and a cute tshirt, but she would rather sleep naked because she is cozier. She is special because I made her with my cousin while she was visiting. 

Princess Rainbow Sparkles

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Princess Rainbow Sparkles is a unicorn. Daddy and I made her on a special little date. She likes to give Chewie rides on her back. They are best friends. She has a sparkly pink tutu and cute panties.

George & Ella

George & Ella are best friends. They were bought for me by Daddy. They love snuggles and sleeping under the bed. 


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Chewie was made by Daddy on our little date. He likes to ride on Princess Rainbow Sparkles back. He also likes to cuddle with Spaghetti (our kitty). She likes to suckle on his fur. He is wearing boxers because it isn’t appropriate for him to be naked around all the girls.


Apple is a super soft lamb. She smells like apples, which is why I named her apple. She likes to watch Disney movies with me. 


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Hootie is a mermaid pillow. She is rainbow colors until you pet her and then she changes to silver. I like to be able to draw pictures and write messages on her for Daddy.

I love all my friends and I don’t think they should have to move out of the bed. We took a vote tonight and we think that if anybody has to leave, it should be Daddy!

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