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Last weekend there was a request to get back to discussing boobs and butts. Well, being the people pleaser that I am, who would I be to ignore such a request? 

Before Mr. Devious and I got married, I decided to be brave and pose in my underwear for a boudoir photo shoot. I went into it knowing that I wanted to do it for him. It was because of him that I was confident enough in myself to be willing to take those photos. 

For my birthday this year, Mr. Devious paid for me to do another boudoir photo sessions. This time, I wanted to do it for me! 

The last experience left me feeling empowered. I felt beautiful and sexy and it really boosted my confidence. Lately I have been feeling a little down on myself. I have been feeling ugly and not confidence. It just so happened I was offered a really great deal for a boudoir photo shoot and when I mentioned it to Mr. Devious he jumped at the chance to gift it to me. 

Even though I had done it before, the morning of the shoot I was really dreading it. It wasn’t the actual shoot I was dreading, I was looking forward to that, it was actually seeing the photos afterwards. 

The day started with getting hair and makeup done professionally. It always feels so nice to get pampered. I loved my hair and makeup. I was already feeling so much more confident. 

When we started the shoot, I was a bit nervous. I started with something that was sexy, but not very revealing. It was a black babydoll with my red strappy bra underneath. I felt sexy and confident when I climbed onto the bed for the first few poses. 

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Next it was time for something a little more revealing, a sheer purple baby doll. This outfit was a bit more risky. I felt like my tummy was hanging out a bit more than I would like, but the photographer made me feel really comfortable. We did a few poses in front of the window with a sheer curtain, and then she had me lean on a chair and look in the mirror. It was a really neat pose, but I was nervous about it. Although after seeing the photos, I think it paid off!

After the purple outfit, I changed into a very similar blue outfit. We did some more posing on the bed and in front of the window, and another photo leaning into the mirror. 

The next outfit I wanted to try was my sexy lace panties and my Calgary Flames hoodie. I knew Mr. Devious would like these photos, so I decided to take a few risks with the poses. They turned out really awesome!

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Then I was getting even more brave. I took off the hoodie and put on a loose sweater. Wearing only my panties and bra and a sweater loosely drapped over my shoulders, we took a few more photos. My favorite is the one below (although this is a cropped version) where I am smiling at myself in the mirror. This was a genuine smile. I really was happy with the way the shoot was going. I was feeling fantastic!!

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The last couple poses involved were made to look like I was wearing only a blanket. This was super scary for me. Although I was still wearing panties, I had no bra on. It was literally me, mostly naked in front of a random stranger. 

The photographer was so amazing and made me feel really comfortable, but it took me a bit to relax and get comfortable enough in front of the camera like this. 

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I left the shoot feeling like a million bucks. Mr. Devious made me feel even better when he saw me and told me I looked beautiful. 

Since I was already all made up, we finished the night going out for a wonderful birthday dinner. 

The hardest part about the whole thing was waiting for my photos to be done! But they were worth the wait. I am so happy with the whole experience. 

Thank you again to Mr. Devious for the wonderful gift and for building me up with your love and support over the past 4 years. Without you I never could have done something like this. I love you <3 

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