A Subby Day

I woke up this morning, my first morning alone for over a month, to a message from Mr. Devious. It said: 

“Good morning sweetie.
So, a few things for today…

1. Wear your collar
2. Ask to pee
3. You have 100 edges to do before you are allowed to cum at all.
4. You must spend 1hr with your favorite glass bumpy dildo in your pussy.
5. You must spend a combined 30 minutes with the wand on high on your clit.
6. You must spend 1hr with a plug in your bum.
7. You must have the nipple suckers on your nipples for total of 30 minutes.
8. Clover clamps on your nipples for a total of 30 minutes (only after nipple sucker time is complete) 
9. Watch 30 minutes of porn, send a report of your favorite parts.
10. Write “Sir’s subbie little girl” somewhere on your body.I was still nice and cozy in my bed, so I asked Sir if I was allowed to wait a little bit before putting on my collar. He is amazing and so he granted me this permission. He didn’t give me a timeline, and I didn’t want to take advantage so after another 30 minutes of cozyness, I got out of bed and put on my collar. “

I love the feel of my collar. It makes me feel subby so much easier. 

After I started dinner (crockpots are the best!), I put on my nipple suckers, tightening them to almost max. It is such a weird sensation. Slightly painful, but just a tight puckering feeling. My nipples are a direct line to my clit, one twist or flick and it makes my clit throb. Having the nipple suckers on was a constant tingle in my clit. 

Before I climbed back into bed, I grabbed a sharpie and wrote “Sir’s subby little girl <3” on my right thigh. I don’t know why but it kinda made me a bit blushy. I sent the picture to Sir and he loved it. 

I tried to distract myself from the tingle in my clit by watching netflix, chatting in gD chat and other friends. I could feel my arousal climbing. I was almost tempted to start edging, but I really needed to plan the order of this list carefully. I knew once I started to touch and edge, things were going to escalate quickly. 

When the nipple sucker time was up, I pulled them off. Very brave since they were suctioned on pretty tight. With a mighty “pop” they came off and my nipples instantly burned and throbbed. After a few naughty words, the pain started to subside and I decided it was time to try the plug. 
Now, I love anal, but I really don’t do anal outside of playtime. Having a plug inserted outside of playtime is hard for me. It gets uncomfortable pretty quickly for me, even though I have tried many different types. I decided to use my most comfortable plug – my pink silicone one. It slides in pretty easily, even without having any recent practice. The base is relatively comfortable, and it is nice and snug against my ass. Wiggling around in bed, I could feel it pressing into me and it only increased my growing horniness. It was feeling nice, but I was scared that it was going to get too uncomfortable if I didn’t start to play. 

I turned in the bed on my side and grabbed my magic wand that is always plugged in and tucked into my nightstand. I started the wand on low and touched it gently to my clit. Oh my lord it felt amazing. I really thought I was going to be in trouble. It had been so long since I have had this much play and I wanted to cum already. 

I knew that this was a marathon not a sprint, so I really took my time with the first few edges. I moved the plug from the base of the plug up to my clit and let it linger there for a second before moving it back to the plug. The wand is so powerful that even when the wand is not on my clit, I can feel it through my entire pubic bone. Each time the wand hit my clit, it would jolt and my ass would clench around the plug. It was such an amazing feeling. 

The first edge didn’t take long despite me going slow, and the next 9 came even quicker. At this point, the begging started. I was so ready to cum already. I didn’t think I could manage another 90. But Devious was being mean and told me NO! What a grouch. Grrr. 

So I continued, but this time I turned the wand to high. It was really hard to track how long the wand was on high and on my clit, so I figured if I could do most of the edges with the wand on high, it would probably guarantee that I met the requirements. 

I don’t want to bore you with details, so I will just say that the next 60 edges that I did were done pretty much all in the same way. I would turn the wand on high on my clit, it would stay on for a few second befores I felt like I was ready to explode and then I would turn it off. Add in a bit of kicking, groaning, and even once when I threw something, and you pretty much can get the picture of how the hour went. Oh, and of course I took a few breaks to complain along the way. 

I was so horny at this point that I could cry. But I still needed to do another 30 edges and Devious had said that he still needed to give me permission to cum. :O I thought the orgasm was guaranteed! Fuck!

Mr. Devious decided now was the time to tell me not to edge for an hour! Grrr. He truly is devious (and a butt head). This was awful. 

I decided to spend the hour with the glass dildo. I tried to slide it inside me, but because of the plug, it was a bit snug and was too uncomfortable to keep inside me if I wasn’t going to edge. I took out the plug and the dildo instantly hit me in all the right spots. I spent a few minutes just squeezing my muscles around it. This dildo … man … I think it was made for me. It just fits me like a glove … or I guess my vagina is the glove and it is the finger? I don’t know … but it is just amazing. 

While I waited, I gently massaged my nipples. They were still super sensitive from the suckers, but after a few minutes, I was able to get a bit rougher. I started to pinch, twist and pull them and when they were warmed up enough, I grabbed the nipple clamps from my bedtime table and attached them. The bite of the clovers are second to none. Even without the nipple suckers, they are pretty powerful, but on sensitive nipples, they are even sharper. I love it!

I spent 15 minutes trying to sit still, although it didn’t work very well. My hips kept moving involuntarily – grinding the dildo against my gspot. Things were so slippery between my legs at this point. The sheets and my blanket were moist. 15 minutes is all I could handle with the clamp so I took them off (FUCK THAT HURTS). 

I decided to finish the last of the nipple clamps right at the end of the hour. They hurt a bit more this time, but 15 minutes isn’t that long and I love the bite of the clamps. I even pulled and twisted them a bit, which just further made my clit throb. 

After an hour, I was dying. I was so desperate. 

The last 30 edges were dangerous. The first few took a minute or two, but then I was literally turning the wand on and off, edging instantly. I could feel the vibrations going through the glass dildo, right into my gspot, deep inside me. There were a few times I needed to stop and breathe because I was just so close to ruining. Even after the vibe was off, I could feel my muscles contract around the glass dildo. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

Finally it was time. I was allowed to cum. There are so many ways I could do this to make it extra special, but I took the boring route. With the clamps still attached and the glass dildo inside me, I turned the wand on high, and I immediately orgasmed. My whole body tensed and shook. It was so powerful that I couldn’t move to turn it off. The orgasm just kept going and going. When I had recovered enough, I turned the vibe off and had a little nap. 


After my short nap and some lunch, I spent 30 minutes more watching porn, edging and cumming. I will be writing the report about the things that I liked best from the porn right after I finish posting this report for all of you. 

And so completes my subby day. Mr. Devious was super mean, but I loved every minute of it. I am so glad I got to have this time today. I hope you all enjoyed the report.

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